Whoever Heard of a Fird? 

A Chapter Book 

(K–3rd Grade)  

ages 4–8

Fird, part fish part bird, is looking for a herd of fird. So he sets out to find a herd of fird. Along the way, he meets many two-feature creatureswhimsical animals like shamelspart sheep, part camels, and bertlespart bear, part turtles. But no one has heard of a herd of fird.

While Fird has no luck finding a herd of fird, he discovers something far more important. He learns that he can be whatever he wants to be, without looking anywhere outside

Illustrated by Shann Hurst


Amazon Review: 

"I am so excited this book has been republished! It was pivotal in my childhood. I carried it around until the binding literally fell apart."